Bill Steele – Sept. 18, 1976

Bill Steele, formerly from the Bay area, then from Ithaca, NY, became famous for writing “Garbage”, a song that was even sung by Pete Seeger. A talented song writer and performer, checkout his other originals.

He can be reached at

Intro/Boy with the Loving Cup Ears Man-eating Shark True Conservatives George Washington Slept Here Smile Give Me Your Hand Gypsy Laddy Winnebago OWeek Before Summer Gold Watch and Chain Chocolate Chip Cookies Intro/Power Everywhere Women’s Lib Song One Man’s Opinion Song for After Xmas Clothes for Xmas Nobody’s Perfect Drink Dr.Jekyll’s Cola Streaking for Jesus Charlie Chan Young Folks Love ItI Learned About Women from Her Garbage End of Year Blues Traveling Gypsy Laughing Sally Spread Out your Feathers and Fly Henry Smith Memorial Granite Block Please Take Care of Me Traveling Song
I Never Will MarryThe Walls have Ears

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