The Bottle Hill Boys – 1971-1972

The Bottle Hill Boys were a northern bluegrass band that blew me away back in 1971. I had the presence of mind to record them at that first concert (Bethlehem Coffee House) in Delmar, NY. I also recorded them when they played at SUNY Albany in 1972. In addition to that, I have a few cuts from their performance at Caffe Lena’s in Saratoga (thanks to Bill Spence). The band consisted of Lew London (banjo),Barry Mitterhoff (mandolin), Walt Michael (guitar), Fraser Shaw (bass). They were later joined by Rex Hunt (dobro).

Delmar – 1971

New Camptown Races Fox on the Run I wonder Where you Are Tonight Green Rolling Hills Salty Dog Victim to the Tomb Old Joe Clark I’ve Just Seen a Face No Expectations West Montana Hannah Bessie Honky Tonk Woman How Mt. Gals can Love Hello, City Limits Sin City I’m Walking Long Black Veil Dixie Breakdown Any Day Woman Hard Working John Medley Beaumont Rag Mr. Spaceman Rocky Top/Foggy Mt.Breakdown

SUNY @ Albany – 1972

How Mt. Gals Can Love Border Ride Green Rolling Hills Devil in Disguise The Ring Intro I Gave Her the Ring Somebody Touched Me Fox on the Run New Camptown Races One Tin Soldier Mr. Spaceman Salt Creek/Beaumont Rag Black Mt. Rag Montana Green Dixie Breakdown Honky Tonk Woman No Expectations I Wonder Where You are Tonight Salty Dog West Montana Hannah I’m Walking Frankie & Johnny Any Day Woman Hard Working John Foggy Mt. Breakdown Hello City Limits

Caffe Lena’s – 1972

Harold Super Service Theme Time Green Rolling Hills Bluegrass and the Girls Somebody Touched Me Fox on the Run Bluebirds Singing One Tin Soldier I Gave her the Ring Crazy Creek/Salt Creek Other Side of Nowhere Georgia Pineywoods New Camptown Races West Montana Hannah How Many Men

10 thoughts on “The Bottle Hill Boys – 1971-1972”

  1. My wife and I saw the Bottle Hill Boys at the Fox Hollow (Beer’s family) Folk Festival near Petersburg NY. (Route 2 and 22?). We were guests of George and Jerry Armstrong (bagpipes) and Ray Frank. We spent years looking for the lyrics to”Marvin’s Garden but to no avail. Fortunately, I had recorded most of their set which included “Fox on the Run”, “The other side of nowhere” and Harold’s Super Service”.

    I’m digitizing the tapes but have no idea ow to get rid of some HISS. I’ll ask around and see if it can be done.

    1. Was that no one knows what Marvin knows and no one ever will that’s why Marvin lives alone at the house of the top of the hill. Beyond that all I remember was he wasn’t very conscientious about his diet! I probably saw the same concert you did at Fox Hollow. Such a sad ending to that wonderful festival!!!

      1. We know Fraser Shaw from the 1960’s. Please explain you last sentence, “Such a sad ending to that wonderful festival!!!” We know of Fraser’s injuries and accident but would like to know more. Thanks.

  2. If anyone can tell us where to find a cd,of bottle hill band,with Walt Michaels playin hammered dulcimer medley, it would make 2020 a better year,thanks,jeff and cindy hemmerlin

  3. Lew London has been sitting in from time to time with a trio I play in. Playing fiddle. Great talent, and really nice guy. I’ll ask about Marvin’s Garden.

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