Augusta Dance Weeks

Meet a bunch of folks at Augusta American Dance week – 1983
Here I interview Jim Morrison, Larry Edelman, Ira Bernstein, Rodney Sutton, and Tod Whittemore.

Here’s Tod Whittemore calling 2 of his most popular Square Dances, including the now famous “Roger Weiss”

Laurel & Hardy Dance with Rod Miller, Peter Barnes, Tod Whittemore, Roger Weiss

Trish Miller and Roger dance demo

Augusta Swing Week – 1993
Dance demo with Leslie Coombs, Larry Micol, Lise Gordon, Roger Weiss

Boston Swing Dance Network Videos

This page contains videos from the Boston Swing Dance Network dances I ran in Boston for over 26 years.

St. Louis Shag Demo – Jeanne & Justin Starren – Nov. 10, 1990

Lindy Demo- Leslie Coombs & Charlie Meade – Dec. 8, 1990

Tap Dance Demo – Julia Boynton & Brian Jones – Jan. 12, 1991

Lindy Demo – Larry Micol & Judi Magier – Feb. 2, 1991

Dance Demo – Bob Lee & Lauren – April 6, 1991

Lindy Demo – Larry Micol & Judi Magier – Sep. 14, 1991

Dance Jam – Lynne & Dean, Marie & Lou, Liz & Mike, Jennifer & Paul, Sara & Kevin – Dec. 14, 1991

Lindy Demo -Judi Magier and Roger – Jan. 11, 1992

The Big Apple Lindy Hoppers from NYC – March 21, 1992

Student Dance Demo – 1993

Dance Demo at Vera’s – 1994 – Lisa Kleitz, Mark Carrillo, Judith DiCostanzo, Dave Weissburg, Teri Calderone, Larry Micol, Lise Gordon, Roger Weiss

Student Dance Demo – 1994

Student Demo – 1997

Dance demo with Teri Calderone & Roger Weiss – 1997

Hop to the Beat Dancers – 2011

Roger’s Final Dance Jam with over 50 women – Nov. 2013

Dixie Doughboys – March 13, 2010

One of my favorite bands from NYC. I actually learned to Two-Step to them when I lived there back in the 1980’s. The original band lineup consisted of: Bruce Lang: bass, vocals and electric mandolin, Billy Lang: drums, vocals and glockenspiel, Guy “Fooch” Fischetti: fiddle, Bruce Derr: pedal steel and vocals, Skeeter Starke: rhythm guitar, bass and vocals. I hired them to play at my Swing Dance in Watertown, MA. They were joined by Joyce Anderson on fiddle and vocals. Below are the results. A great Western Swing Band and “The Best Two-Step Band in the Land”. Give a listen.
More info at Bruce Lang’s website.
Listen and Enjoy

Kevin, Piper, Sylvia, and Tony – March 5, 1986

I lived in the Bay Area for over a year, and was impressed by all the great music/musicians there. Here is a sample of some of the local talent. This band consisted of Kevin Wimmer, Piper Heisig, Sylvia Herold, and Tony Marcus. This was one of their first gigs and they were later known as “Cats and Jammers”. I taped this at the Freight & Salvage Coffee House on my little tape recorder. The sound quality is not great, but the music is.

40 Miles to Nowhere Richland Woman Fiddle Medley I’m Ready for that River Prairie Lullaby Ragtime Life Texas Katy I Miss You Only Working Girl’s Vacation Persian Kitty Swing 39 Devil with the Devil Lone Star Linda Lou River of Jordan Blues Shadows of the Pines Working Girl Blues Darkness on the Delta Goin Fishin’ Lotus Blossom Wild Dog The Human Thing to do Slipped Disk Jersey Bounce Hesitation Blues

Ashokan Western & Swing Weeks 1985-1987

Ashokan Dance Camp is located near Woodstock, NY. I was on staff 1985-86, teaching Western Swing Dancing and Texas Two-Step. What a great time. I got to meet Tiny Moore, who played with Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys. And now through the miracle of modern science, you will get to see and hear him,┬áJay Ungar, Molly Mason, Rich Lieberson, Matt Glaser, Junior Daugherty, Sean Blackburn, The Dixie Doughboys, and countless others. The recording quality may not be great, but the music is…enjoy.


Junior Daugherty singing “Got no reason now for going home”

Matt Glaser – “Party for the Old Folks”

Tiny Moore’s band plays “Time Changes Everything”, “Rose of San Antone”, and “Miles and Miles of Texas”

Laurel & Hardy Cowboy Dance with Larry Edelman, John Krum, Pop Wagner, Roger Weiss

Tony Marcus sings “Statue of a Fool”


“Swing that Music”, “Bourbon Street”

Junior sings “Too Pretty for Words”

Tiny sings “Time Changes Everything”

Ashokan band with Howie Tarnower, Roger Weiss, Diana Leigh

Joel Eckhaus singing “Love Letters” and playing the saw


“Invitation to the Blues”, “Under the X in Texas”, “Got no Reason Now for Going Home”,”Sugar Moon”

“Swing that Music”