Bottom Dollar – 1976-78

Bottom Dollar consisted of Rich Nardin and Izzy Reinish. Besides being able to hear them at the Freeze-Dried Coffee House, below are recordings from WRPI radio in Troy (11/21/1976) and their final performance at the Oneonta Coffee House with special guests Robin Greenstein, Jeff Rosen, and Roger Weiss.

WRPI Radio hosted by Jackie Alper – Nov. 21, 1976

Aging Cowboy Come and Hear the Music / Close Your Eyes Swing Song / Song for Phil Ochs Undecided / Bottom Dollar

Oneonta Coffee House – Sept. 1978

Love, Please Come Home Truck Driving Man Aging Cowboy Born in the Country Mr. Spaceman Father of a Honky Tonk Girl Streets of London Bottom Dollar I Shall be Released Then Came the Children

>> Listen to Bottom Dollar at the Freeze-Dried Coffee House

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