Huxtable, Christensen, and Hood – March 11, 1977

Teresina Huxtable, Carol Christensen and Liz Hood sing popular music of five centuries, including traditional music of the British Isles and North America, Renaissance songs, sheet music standards, doo-wop, Western, and original tunes. Known for their tight vocal harmonies, often a cappella, plus their inventive arrangements and lively humor-filled performances, they have been favorites with audiences in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions for years. You can find them on the web here.
Huxtable, Christianson, Hood

Bahamian Carols Welcoming the Spring Lake George Song Banks of the Sweet Primroses Flying Cloud Three Catches Radcliffe Highway Martin Doo Run Run Mr. Sandman John D Lee Stephen Foster Song Oldest of Friends She’s Got You Come You for France Rogues in a Nation Captain Kidd British Carol Advent Carol Ten More Nights Did We or Didn’t We? Darktown Strutters Ball I’ll Leave my Love a Garland Black Dog & Sheep’s Crook Robin Loves me Uncle Joe Sail Away Irish Street Song Spanish Fandango Momma Goes Where Poppa Goes

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