Jim Tepe – Aug. 1974

Jim Tepe is a singer/guitar player from Merrick, NY. Or at least he was in 1973-1974 when we used to play together. He introduced me to a lot of Jonathan Edwards songs.
Jim Tepe and Roger Weiss

Cry, Cry Blue Flag Decal Old Joe Clark Athens County Ballad of Jed Clampett Shanty Act Naturally Somewhere Over the Rainbow Spanish Pipedream Friend of the Devil Foggy Mt. Breakdown Hard workin John/Please Daddy Rocky Mt. High I’ve Got a Name Sunshine Big Jim Dixie Breakdown Mountain Air Paradise Arkansas Traveler Sugar Baby Cedar Hill Shanty Danny’s Song Emma City of New Orleans

4 thoughts on “Jim Tepe – Aug. 1974”

  1. Jim Tepe was the reason I started playing guitar so long ago. I used to go see him play anywhere I could… seems like Neptunes South was a venue.
    Such a great player, singer, harp player the whole package.

    Wonder where he is these days

  2. I used to see Jim Tepe at Neptunes Pub . I was introduced to Spanish Pipedream, Shanty, and Cosmic Cowboy by him. I really enjoyed his sets. I hope he’s well.

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