Robin & Linda Williams – Feb. 7, 1975

I first met Robin Williams when he was still a single. He was playing at the Oneonta Coffee House and my friend Izzy called me and told me to come down to see him. We hung out with him that weekend and have been friends ever since. We even met up with Robin and Linda on their honeymoon in Aspen in 1973. This is their first appearance at the Freeze-Dried Coffee house. You can find their other appearances at the right.

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Jim Tepe – Aug. 1974

Jim Tepe is a singer/guitar player from Merrick, NY. Or at least he was in 1973-1974 when we used to play together. He introduced me to a lot of Jonathan Edwards songs.
Jim Tepe and Roger Weiss

Cry, Cry Blue Flag Decal Old Joe Clark Athens County Ballad of Jed Clampett Shanty Act Naturally Somewhere Over the Rainbow Spanish Pipedream Friend of the Devil Foggy Mt. Breakdown Hard workin John/Please Daddy Rocky Mt. High I’ve Got a Name Sunshine Big Jim Dixie Breakdown Mountain Air Paradise Arkansas Traveler Sugar Baby Cedar Hill Shanty Danny’s Song Emma City of New Orleans

Jack Hardy – Aug. 8, 1973

Jack Hardy - Aspen, 1973I first met Jack in Aspen, CO, in the summer of 1973. My friend, Izzy and I were camping out with Robin & Linda Williams, who had just gotten married, and they introduced us. Jack was scheduled to play at a place called “Jakes Abbey” in downtown Aspen. On a lark, I borrowed a tape recorder (reel to reel) and taped his performance that night. Needless to say, I was blown away and have been a fan ever since. I later hired Jack every year that I ran the Freeze-Dried Coffeehouse at SUNY Albany in NY. All of those performances are available on this website. On this page are photos from that night. As a matter of fact you can hear Jack telling me to get lost during his performance. Beau Hale on bass, and Jill Burkee on Mandolin.

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The Bottle Hill Boys – 1971-1972

The Bottle Hill Boys were a northern bluegrass band that blew me away back in 1971. I had the presence of mind to record them at that first concert (Bethlehem Coffee House) in Delmar, NY. I also recorded them when they played at SUNY Albany in 1972. In addition to that, I have a few cuts from their performance at Caffe Lena’s in Saratoga (thanks to Bill Spence). The band consisted of Lew London (banjo),Barry Mitterhoff (mandolin), Walt Michael (guitar), Fraser Shaw (bass). They were later joined by Rex Hunt (dobro).

Delmar – 1971

New Camptown Races Fox on the Run I wonder Where you Are Tonight Green Rolling Hills Salty Dog Victim to the Tomb Old Joe Clark I’ve Just Seen a Face No Expectations West Montana Hannah Bessie Honky Tonk Woman How Mt. Gals can Love Hello, City Limits Sin City I’m Walking Long Black Veil Dixie Breakdown Any Day Woman Hard Working John Medley Beaumont Rag Mr. Spaceman Rocky Top/Foggy Mt.Breakdown

SUNY @ Albany – 1972

How Mt. Gals Can Love Border Ride Green Rolling Hills Devil in Disguise The Ring Intro I Gave Her the Ring Somebody Touched Me Fox on the Run New Camptown Races One Tin Soldier Mr. Spaceman Salt Creek/Beaumont Rag Black Mt. Rag Montana Green Dixie Breakdown Honky Tonk Woman No Expectations I Wonder Where You are Tonight Salty Dog West Montana Hannah I’m Walking Frankie & Johnny Any Day Woman Hard Working John Foggy Mt. Breakdown Hello City Limits

Caffe Lena’s – 1972

Harold Super Service Theme Time Green Rolling Hills Bluegrass and the Girls Somebody Touched Me Fox on the Run Bluebirds Singing One Tin Soldier I Gave her the Ring Crazy Creek/Salt Creek Other Side of Nowhere Georgia Pineywoods New Camptown Races West Montana Hannah How Many Men

Sunnyland Happytime Washboard Band – 1969-1970

I played with this jugband at SUNY Albany for one year, before they became famous! Other members were Andy Avery, Don Dworkin, Jeff Stein, Tom Lamberton, and Greg Haymes.
Sunnyland Happytime Washboard Band

Cripple Creek

Hello My Bailey

Home Sweet Home

KC Moans

Pack up Your Sorrows

DJ Talk

Morning Blues

Feel Like I’m Fixin to Die Rag

Bottle of Wine

Good Time Music

Statesboro Blues

Act Naturally

Jug Band Music

Long Black Veil

Mr. Spaceman

Nashville Cats

Satisfied Mind

You Ain’t Goin Nowhere

DJ Talking and impressions by Stein

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