Jack Hardy – Aug. 8, 1973

Jack Hardy - Aspen, 1973I first met Jack in Aspen, CO, in the summer of 1973. My friend, Izzy and I were camping out with Robin & Linda Williams, who had just gotten married, and they introduced us. Jack was scheduled to play at a place called “Jakes Abbey” in downtown Aspen. On a lark, I borrowed a tape recorder (reel to reel) and taped his performance that night. Needless to say, I was blown away and have been a fan ever since. I later hired Jack every year that I ran the Freeze-Dried Coffeehouse at SUNY Albany in NY. All of those performances are available on this website. On this page are photos from that night. As a matter of fact you can hear Jack telling me to get lost during his performance. Beau Hale on bass, and Jill Burkee on Mandolin.

Listen and Enjoy