Jack Hardy – Feb. 1, 1975

This is Jack’s first appearance at the Freeze-Dried Coffee house. You can find other Freeze-Dried performances at the right. You can also find an earlier performance from 1973 here. (Jack Hardy: Nov. 23, 1947-March 11, 2011)

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Suicide Song

Least of All Me

Swing Song

Down Where the Rabbits Run

Night on the Town

Al Kormer

Those Big Wheels

Song for California

You Can’t Drive Down the Middle of the Road

Truck Driving Woman

Song for You

Houston Street

Stainless Lullaby

I’m Finding My Thoughts Turn to You

Backyard in Kansas

Willie Jones

Victim of the Dawn

Been Thinking Too Much About You

Morning Paper

The Last Time

St. James Infirmary

What are You Doing After the Show

Concern is a Lonely Thing

Honky Tonk Hangover Blues

Bring Back my Children to me

>> Listen to Jack Hardy playing at Jake’s Abbey in Aspen, CO, 1973.

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