Robin & Linda Williams – Feb. 7, 1975

I first met Robin Williams when he was still a single. He was playing at the Oneonta Coffee House and my friend Izzy called me and told me to come down to see him. We hung out with him that weekend and have been friends ever since. We even met up with Robin and Linda on their honeymoon in Aspen in 1973. This is their first appearance at the Freeze-Dried Coffee house. You can find their other appearances at the right.

They can be reached at:

Your Mama Will be Gone
Poncho & Lefty
Rock, Salt, and Nails
Blind Drunk John
Coal Miner Blues
Kill It, Kid
My Sunny Caroline
Rooty Root Root
Daughter of McCloud
Adam Rude
Hello in There
Harmonica Talk
I am my own Grandpa
Blue My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me
The Highway is my Home
Gotta Get Drunk
Don’t You Think I Feel it Too?
Tecumseh Valley
Goodnight Loving Trail
Freight Train Blues
Nebraska Corn
I Fall to Pieces
Streamline Cannonball

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